Sunday, 4 May 2008

Some News

Hi all

Just a quick note, as publication month draws to a close, to say many thanks for your kind words and good wishes for the Devlin books these past few weeks. And, on a nice note to end the month, in the Belfast Telegraph Bestseller lists for Northern Ireland yesterday, Borderlands was no. 5 in the Paperback Bestsellers and Gallows Lane debuted at no. 9 in the Hardback Bestseller Charts!



Len Tyler said...

Well done, Brian, and well-deserved. Your Amazon ratings look good too!

Frances said...

Wow! That's an incredible acheivement Brian. I'm so impressed. Well done!

David Isaak said...

Amazing--a bestseller! Congrats, Mr M.

Aliya Whiteley said...

Hope you enjoyed publication month, Brian - a well deserved success!

Alis said...

As that insightful analyst of modern mores, Homer Simpson, would say 'Woo hoo!'

Suroopa said...

Hey all,

Sorry for this long silence! I am neckdeep doing field work and writing my Palgrave book. Fiction seems distant! Back home for a while and I get a bunch of great news about best seller lists, and nominations. Hearty congratulations, Brian and Len! I will be in England in June presenting my forthcoming work (academic) at Nottingham University conference. Hope to spend a week in London. Will pick up loads of MNW books and hope there is a launch I can attend. Meanwhile I have many blogs to go through. Happy reading!

Tim Stretton said...

Well done, Brian.

It's great to see a series taking off through word of mouth and the quality of the writing rather than hype and name-recognition - although won't be long before the McGilloway name is selling books under its own steam.

The "detective + location" field is a crowded one - it's a real achievement to have broken into it. Long may Devlin's success continue!

Brian McGilloway said...

Hi folks

Thanks for all your good wishes which are much appreciated.

Matt Curran said...

Brian, that's fantastic news. Echoing Tim's comments, "McGilloway" will soon become a brandname like Dexter or Rankin, I reckon. And it's completely deserved.

How does it feel to finally fly the nest (i.e. from MNW to Pan Mac) or hasn't it sunk in yet?