Thursday, 15 May 2008

Coincidence or something more?

Apologies for my recent absence, but I've been nursing my right hand (cat-mangling incident), so I've been budgeting with my use of typing muscles.

Anyway, I return with a suitably silly topic of conversation for you all: it occurs to me (and please take a tip from the worldview of the man himself and read this remark in the good-natured and jocular tone in which it was written) that the estimable Mr Terry Pratchett actually looks rather like a character from a fantasy novel: an elf perhaps, or possibly a wizard. I wonder whether this is a coincidence, or one of those self-fulfilling prophecy phenomena/urban legends along the lines of the good-humoured not showing their age as quickly or people growing to look like their dogs? (To digress briefly, the latter is a little disturbing for me: for those of you who weren't aware, I have a Chinese Crested and a Pug.)

If it is the latter (and feel free to spam the comments with pictures of pale and interesting horror writers, or crime novelists with the phrenologists' favourite 'criminal skull' if you can think of any), I wonder where this leaves me? Mind you, from some angles I already think I have a look of a young Queen Victoria, which is rather ominous, but I'm hoping my refusal to have nine children will do me some favours in the ageing stakes.


David Isaak said...

I seem to be turning into my grandfather. At some point it appeared that my hair started receding--but what really happened is that the hair somehow sucked back into my skull and began coming out in my eyebrows.

As to ferocious cat attacks, here's my favorite, featuring Pinky, the highly adoptable cat:

Len Tyler said...

I am not sure how much I resemble any of my characters. Those who wish to check out how much I resemble my dog can take a look at

Aliya Whiteley said...

I think I'm going to look like PD James when I'm older.

Faye L. said...

David: I rather like Pinky. He's got character.

Len: well, technically I don't look like any of my characters either - I don't write about royalty. I'm not sure how closely you resemble Thistle, come to think of it, but then I won't put much faith in the 'looking like your dog' theory until I see John Prescott walking an English Bulldog chewing a nettle.

Aliya: I could see that, actually. Same delicate bone structure.