Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Pan Macmillan Podcast

Hi folks

At risk of seeming to monopolise this blog, one final piece of news. The Pan Mac site is hosting a podcast where I discuss the writing of the Devlin books and the experience of being published by MNW. What is, perhaps, of most interest in this is the fact that the man asking the questions is Will Atkins, Commissioning Editor of Macmillan New Writing. You can listen to the interview by clicking here and following the links.



David Isaak said...

Hey, cool!

Tim Stretton said...

Podcasts are always a bit of a technical challenge for me. My aim is to download it onto MP3 and listen to it in the car.

One working definition of having "arrived" as a writer is surely to have a podcast!

Frances said...

Enjoyed listening to the interview, Brian, and it was nice to hear your voice!

Aliya Whiteley said...

Yes, Brian, you have a very pleasant voice. I can just imagine you on Newsnight review, talking about your latest, with that slightly spooky music playing in the background that they use whenever they do a bit on crime.

Top banana!

Brian McGilloway said...

Thanks folks

Yes - the voice issue is a strange one. You imagine someone's voice when you read their book - there's always a risk that the real thing will be a disappointment!


Faye L. said...

Oooh, that is interesting. Just shows how much gets past me - until now I didn't realise Pan Mac had a podcast!

Betty said...

It would appear, with so many many submissions, the chances of being published are remote indeed.