Wednesday, 1 April 2009

MNW takes over Writing magazine?

Those of you who have the new issue of Writing mag will probably be aware that MNW has snagged another double-page spread for the second issue running. This time it's a profile of Brian, so congratulations Mr McGilloway!


Frances said...

And Brian's latest is featured among the five books on display in the Macmillan foyer, in the company of, among others, Wilbur Smith (I've just returned from there today). You have really arrived, Brian!

Ann Weisgarber said...

Faye, thanks for letting us know about the article. Congratulations, Brian!

Let's hear it, too, for Sophie who spends her days spreading the word about the imprint and about our books.

David Isaak said...

And to think we knew him back before the yacht and entourage.

He's also the only one of our lot to go transatlantic. Those of us n this side of the pond are counting on him to establish a trend.

Brian McGilloway said...

Thanks Faye, Frances, Ann and David.

We can't get that magazine over here, so I hope it comes across ok!

That's nice to hear, Frances, thanks.

Yes, Ann - Sophie deserves so much credit for all that she has done for the imprint.

David, the only yacht in our house is the one the kids play with at bathtime!