Monday, 27 April 2009

Interview with Ann

This is an interesting and insightful interview with our own Ann Weisgarber:


Ann Weisgarber said...

Doug, this was kind of you to post, and I appreciate it.

I continue to find the attention surreal and far removed from my everyday life. The ride is bound to come to an end soon, and that won't be a disappointment. It will be someone else's turn to be in the spotlight and that will be nice.

Tim Stretton said...

Really interesting interview.

I've finished the book now and hugely admire it. Ann, the way you make such a very quiet novel utterly absorbing is a real testament to your skill. (I say this as a writer who gets twitchy if I go too long without putting in a swordfight...) I particularly liked the way you realised Isaac - that even by the end of the novel I couldn't decide what I felt about him. He's an object lesson in "rounded characterisation". I hope the spotlight lasts a bit longer!

Eliza Graham said...

It's a fantastic book.

Brian McGilloway said...

Hear, hear, Eliza. May the ride continue for a long time to come for you, Ann. There is no good reason why it should stop now.

Ann Weisgarber said...

Thank you all. The best compliments are the ones from fellow writers. Tim, I appreciate your comments about Isaac since he's my favorite character.

Your book is on its way and should land someday on my doorstep here in Texas. I could use a few swordfights to liven up the next book.