Thursday, 10 January 2008

The writer's life.


David Isaak said...

Very informative and helpful (especially the glimpse of the transparency paper and the exceeding weird stripy notecards), but as we have no cat, I'm afraid your approach won't work for me.

If you get two cats, will you need to get a third printer?

Aliya Whiteley said...

I'm worried that you look more organised than me, Roger.

Matt Curran said...

Hi Roger,

That's a great short film. I think a writer’s space is almost as fascinating as the mechanics of writing itself - the Feng-Shui of creative writing, if you like - and yours has been much tidied since the last photo you posted way back on your blog – I particularly like the way you’ve mounted the monitor screen on a hardback book.
Unfortunately I don’t have a coffee pot to write my books for me – I seem to be one of the few writers that don’t drink coffee. Would a glass of fruit squash do the same? Or a bottle of Corona?

(I’m not sure I could have the cat in the office with me while I write, though – they have a reputation for expressing creative differences).

Following Roger’s example, does anyone else fancy posting pics about where they write on here?

Frances said...

I love that reassuring muddle (I too have a muddle), and the fact that you are too nice to move the cat if you need to print something. Do you drink the coffee, or is it merely for literary purposes?

Roger Morris said...

Hi frances, yes, I drink the coffee, but it's also for literary purposes.

Aliya, I'm worried that you think I look organised.

Matt- but didn't you notice the pack of Polyfilla on the floor? That's much tidied???

David, we used to have two cats, but one died (killed by a fox actually) - so we still have her printer. Didn't have the heart to get rid of it. And we do use it occasionally.