Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Strange but apparently true

If you go to and key the title of my favourite film (Heavenly Creatures*) into the search box (don't specify DVDs or anything like that; just search all departments), the ninth item down on the list of results is currently Cover the Mirrors.

At first I thought it was related to my own search history, but I've had friends do the same thing on their own machines and they got the same results. Weird or what? And very cool, I have to say.

Anyone any idea why this might be happening? It's not as if my Amazon page mentions my taste in films or anything, so I'm left pleasantly baffled.

* And no, I don't go about my daily life envisioning lifesize claymation figures of my characters reacting to the situations and people I encounter. I'm tempted to add the word 'usually' here, but perhaps not.

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David Isaak said...

"Heavenly Creatures" isn't my favorite film, but it ranks pretty darn high.

As to what CTM is doing on that list, I can't quite figure it. If you go to "Books" and type in "Heavenly Creatures" you get five books--four that have "Heavenly Creatures" in the title (I'm particularly taken with the one that seems to involve visists from pets beyond the grave)...and, for no discernable reason, "Cover the Mirrors".

File under Inscrutable But Good?