Saturday, 19 January 2008

Do I Get a Gold Star on the Library Bulletin Board Now?

As of today, I've read all the published MNW novels. Well, except for Testament, which is somewhere in the trans-Atlantic post (and therefore not shown in the rather sloppy photo above). There they are in all their glory, in pub order left to right starting at the bottom.

I'm not usually much of a completist, and I never was much for coin collections or trading cards. But I started with the MNW special offer of the first six...and then after those, I read this one, and then that one, and after a while it seemed as if I were being rude by not reading the other five or six. Though it's been two steps forward and one step back, as they seem to keep publishing new ones every month.

And, no, I'm not going to review them. The dreaded book reports were the reason I never got a gold star on the library bulletin board in the first place. (My reasoning back then was why waste time writing anything when there was so much great stuff to read? Which is damn sound reasoning. Probably ought to have stuck with my position on the subject.)

A few of them weren't exactly my sort of thing (whatever that is), but I enjoyed them all. And I can say that I understand why most of them ended up at MNW--they are good books, but most of them are a little bent, just the teensiest bit outside the standard categories.

I won't take any vows to continue this practice. Though I will be reading Testament soon. And I'm looking forward to Aliya's forthcoming book. And Brian's. And Tim's. And Matt's, of course. Oh, and Eliza's. And from Faye's recent post, she's off on novel three; I'd happily read novel two.

On reflection, were it to appear, I'd probably read the second book from any of the MNW authors. So I guess I probably will keep up this habit, especially now that I'm caught up.

As they used to say in bad foreshadowing, Little did I know what I was getting myself into...

Thanks for the great reads, gang.


Alis said...

David, what a star you are! And you may not be going to review any of these, but expect a paean of praise to Shock and Awe any day now over on my blog as I've just started reading it and think it's FABULOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, David! That goes way beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much for being so supportive.

Roger Morris said...

David, that's an amazing photo and it says so much about your generosity of spirit. Wonderful. Web Admin said...

David, this puts me to shame. Lots of shame. I only have eight MNW titles - though they do look handsome on the bookshelf.

I think this "obsession" with collecting the imprint has something to do with the forename "David". A mate of mine, Dave Budd, also has a phenomenal MNW collection.

As long as you keep buying 'em, we'll keep writing 'em!

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