Monday, 7 January 2008

Testament on the net!

Something very exciting has just happened! A friend has just pointed out that you can read the whole of the first chapter of Testament on the Macmillan New Writing site. Just click on the jacket image and it takes you straight to the extract. Combine this with the Prologue on my website and you can get a pretty good flavour of what you might get. I think I might have to put up a link to the first twenty-first century chapter somewhere so that people can see what the other half of the book is like.
By the way, to any MNW-ers out there who are likely to be in London on Thursday, please do feel free to drop in to the Testament launch at Goldsboro books. (It starts at 6.30.) It would be great to say hi!


David Isaak said...

Well, who knew? Though I guess the Pan Mac site has "Extract" as a link on the side...

In any case, this gives us something else to post when each book-of-the-month debuts. See the sidebar to the right---->
It takes you to MNW's extract.

Have a great launch, Alis!

Alis said...

Thanks David!