Monday, 11 October 2010

Round One

The Round Robin interview kicks off today with me asking a question to Dee Swift, author of The Lady's Slipper, a gripping novel of beauty and faith set during the Restoration. I'm very jealous of the skill and commitment that is required by the historical novel. It seems to me to be the pinnacle of writing ability to capture the past accurately and yet make it current and meaningful for the reader.

So, Dee, was it only ever historical fiction that appealed to you? Did you always want to write novels set in the past of England? What is it about the period that appeals to you, and how do you communicate that passion to the reader?

So, here's the order for the Round Robin:

Dee Swift
MFW Curran
Tim Stretton
Brian McGilloway
Alis Hawkins
Ciara Hegarty
Doug Worgul
David Isaak
Ryan David Jahn
Eliza Graham
Frances Garrood
Faye L Booth
LC Tyler
Aliya Whiteley

An impressive line-up!

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