Thursday, 12 February 2009


I'm new here. I commented on one of Faye's posts on her blog this morning and next thing I knew David Isaak was inviting me to post here. My first book, a crime novel called Acts of Violence which is set in 1964 New York, is scheduled to be published by Macmillan New Writing in November. Something might change with the date, I suppose, but that's the plan for now, I think.

It's pretty exciting.

I'm supposed to be editing the manuscript right this second, in fact, which is why I'm posting this. If I didn't have a bunch to do, I probably would have found ways to put this post off for another couple days. By playing online Scrabble, say. But since I've got a bunch of stuff to be doing, I had no problem finding time for a blog post.

About myself:

I live in Los Angeles and have for the last eight years. I like it, but it's expensive.

I kept a book journal for the first time last year and was pretty disappointed in the number of books I read (24), so I'm really going to try to beat that number this year. I'm up to five so far.

I have a wife and two cats. The cats came with the wife, but somewhere along the line the litter box became my responsibility. It's worth it.

I've been writing since I was twelve. My first story was a blatant ripoff of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

I do not like sweets.

I do like anything with garlic in it, except for garlic-flavored ice cream, probably because it's sweet.

In the future I will try to have a subject other than me. Just thought I'd pop in to introduce myself. Howdy!


Aliya Whiteley said...

Hi Ryan!

Tim Stretton said...

Welcome, Ryan!

Frances said...

Welcome, Ryan, and congratulations!

Doug Worgul said...

Welcome, Ryan. Congratulations on your book. You're in for an interesting ride.

Doug Worgul

Matt Curran said...

Congratulations, Ryan - welcome to the group. I think we have a sizable US contingent now - but as my geography is wildly impractical I won't go as far as suggesting: "hey, you could have a US Mac New Writers get-together..."

But if you do, can I come?

Ryan David Jahn said...

Thanks for the welcome! If I were to have a get-together, everyone would be invited. Unfortunately, I'm cripplingly shy, so if I had one, I might not show up myself.

Aliya Whiteley said...

Garlic flavoured ice cream is sweet?

Ryan David Jahn said...

Indeed it is. There's a place here in town called The Stinking Rose that has garlic everything, and so, after dinner, we tried the garlic ice cream, and it's surprisingly sweet, and tastes sort of like roasted caramel...but then with a garlic aftertaste.

David Isaak said...

Heya, Ryan! Good to have another West Coastie at MNW!

(Note to Matt--the rest of the Yanks are far far away from me, but Ryan's almost within shouting distance. You're hereby invited to our regional chapter meeting, even if Ryan's shy.)

Matt Curran said...

Excellent, David! Just give me a bit of prior warning (so I can get saving and convince the missus that a trip to the West Coast is justified...!)

Seriously though, could any of the UK writers get over to the States if a MNW meet-up was convened (just out of wild curiousity?)

Aliya Whiteley said...

I would certainly try if I could bring the Munchie.

Len Tyler said...

Congratulations, Ryan. Good to see another crime writer joining us!

Brian McGilloway said...

Hi Ryan - I second Len's comment on more crime wirters. I also share Aliya's puzzlement over garlic ice-cream. Can't see the attraction to be honest. Best wishes for your book.