Thursday, 1 November 2007

New blogger

I have never blogged in my life before, and didn't anticipate doing so. But David has invited me to take part in the MNW blog, and writing is a lonely business... I don't particularly like talking about myself, so I shall certainly keep my contributions brief. My best news is that a healthy grandson (sixth grandchild) arrived last week, and my next best news it that my second MNW novel is coming out in August 2008. Will and I have haggled over the title, but have settled for The Birds, the Bees and Other Secrets. The bad news is that my much-loved horse is lame and off work for 3 months. He and I write books together as we meander over the Wiltshire downs. I would love to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch, especially if they have tips on publicising one's novels!


David Isaak said...

Hi, Frances!

Wow, you mean all that digital sleight-of-hand actually worked? Too wonderful! Welcome to the blog.

Do you have to ride your horse to collaborate? Or can you simply walk the horse until it heals up?

Matt Curran said...

Hi Frances and welcome

And congratulations on the second book. Titles have always been my problem, and like you, Will and I have had to settled on one.

On a virgin-blogger note, I've been contacted by Len Tyler and Peter Anthony who are new to the whole blogging thing too, so you're in good company.

Take care


Tim Stretton said...

Welcome Frances. I look forward to your posts, which will be all the more anticipated for their rarity.

Faye L. said...

Hello Frances, and congratulations on the book and the grandchild!