Sunday, 18 November 2007

Biting Ankles

I found a link to a PDF version of the catalogue released by Macmillan to outline its Spring 2008 releases:

It's really interesting to see what a range of fiction they're publishing, and also to make us all realise what we're up against as first and second-time novelists! Gulp.


David Isaak said...

Indeed, quite a list. Especially those contenders on pages 43 and 62.

I note also that pal Charles Lambert is featured on page 11...

Brian McGilloway said...

Hi Aliya & Dave

Interesting selection indeed. I see quite a few MNW paperbacks in the list at the back too. The Gallows Lane cover is about six months out of date though - a whole new look has been designed since, so the catalogue must have been compiled some time ago.