Friday, 5 November 2010

Brief Pause

Just a quick reminder of the Round Robin order, after a small tweakette:

Dee Swift
MFW Curran
Tim Stretton
Faye L Booth
Alis Hawkins
Ciara Hegarty
Doug Worgul
David Isaak
Ryan David Jahn
Eliza Graham
Frances Garrood
Brian McGilloway
LC Tyler
Suroopa Mukherjee
Aliya Whiteley

Still lots of interview goodness to stay tuned for!


suroopa said...

So sorry to have been out of touch. Can I join the Round Robin or am I too late?

Unknown said...

Of course you can Suroopa! Will fit you in the list at the end.

suroopa said...

Thanks, Aliya! Proud to be part of the list.