Friday, 16 April 2010

The Literary Project Interviews

The Literary Project will feature seven Macmillan New Writers on the blog next week. Spread the word, and it would be nice to have some comments here as well as there!


Ann Weisgarber said...

Deborah, thanks for posting. I'll keep an eye out for this. Once again, Will spreads the word. And by the way, isn't the release of your novel about six or seven weeks off? How are your nerves?

Eliza Graham said...

Very interesting interviews. Thanks, Dee.

Aliya Whiteley said...

There's a message up saying the interviews won't be posted until next week now.

Gemma Noon said...

Hi all!

sorry about the confusion over posting times at The Literary Project, the ashcloud upset my holiday plans and I didn’t want to run MNW week if I wasn’t around to publicise it (I am deliberately going somewhere I can’t access emails and internet 24/7). With the new schedule I can be around much more to publicise the interviews and the week itself, which I think will suit everyone better.

Anyway, the new schedule is as follows:

Monday, 3rd May Ciara Hegarty
Tuesday, 4th May Alis Hawkins
Wednesday 5th May Aliya Whiteley
Thursday 6th May Tim Stretton
Friday 7th May Dee Swift
Saturday 8th may Matt Curran
Sunday 9th May Eliza Graham

Please stop by, leave comments, become a follower, email me, force everyone you know to become a follower, too… I look forward to seeing you all!

Gemma xx