Friday, 20 March 2009

Interview with Brian

I don't--really I don't--spend all my time poring obsessively over the internet to find references to other Macmillan New Writers so that I can brood over their success. No indeed--I've got Google Alerts, the paranoiac's best friend, to do it for me...

Today it's led me to a great interview with Brian about his Devlin novels, with plenty of good things to say about MNW too. I can even forgive Will for using the term "major brand author" because I think it means people will be buying a lot of Brian's books. (And Gallows Lane is out in paperback next month)

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Ann Weisgarber said...

Brian, huge congratulations! Fabulous interview. And good grief -- Optioned For Television! Can it get any better; I don't think so.

So now you have to give us the scoop on the TV deal and how it happened. That is so exciting.

Tim, you're doing a great job keeping us up to date on MNW happenings. Many thanks.