Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Miss Booth's Book Emporium

I have just set up a webstore for my books using Amazon's aStore system. I'm still finding my feet with it, but so far I'd definitely recommend it to other authors: you can build your own webstore and choose the products that go in it, but it's powered entirely by Amazon and all orders are handled and despatched by them, so you don't have to worry about messing up on that score, and of course it's a lot more reassuring for buyers as well - if you trust Amazon, you can trust an Amazon aStore!

So far I only have the editions of Cover the Mirrors that are available on Amazon's catalogue listed in my shop, but I'll add the audiobook and the hardback of Trades of the Flesh as soon as possible.


David Isaak said...

I didn't know such a thing existed, but it sounds like a good idea. (Well, as soon as I get more stuff to stock such a store with...)

Keep us posted on how this goes, okay?

David Isaak said...


"Miss Booth's Book Emporium" would be a great title for a YA novel.

Faye L. said...

"Miss Booth's Book Emporium" would be a great title for a YA novel.
Someone else'll have to write it, then. I don't think people want me corrupting their kids, even those on the brink of adulthood.

Matt Curran said...

Hi Faye

This looks really good. I might have to pinch your idea and add one to my blog/website. I'm only surprised that Roger M. hasn't already discovered this as he spends an inordinate amount of time doing this sort of thing on the web!

PS: Are you getting excited about the paperback yet? It looks mighty fine!

Faye L. said...

I only found out about them when I was mooching around the Amazon Associates page (http://associates.amazon.co.uk if you haven't checked it out yet). aStore is part of the Associates programme, too, so you get a wee bit of commission on every sale made through your store.

I'm chuffed to bits with the paperbacks; they're beautiful. I can't wait to see what the art department come up with for Trades of the Flesh.

Matt Curran said...

Hi, Faye

Well I said I'd pinch your idea, so now I've added an aStore to the footer of this blog. It's a helluva lot easier to keep this updated than it is the book-roll on the right hand side and alot of us Amazon to order MNW books so it's a more direct route.

On the matter of being paid referal fees (as Amazon Associates are - though it is pittance) if the aStore begins to amass much cash, I'll keep an account of how much has been earned through the MNW referals and put it towards any MNW get-togethers in the future, if that's okay with everybody? (Though judging by the old Charkin Blog, I doubt it will accrue much more than a few quid each year!!).

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