Wednesday, 12 March 2008

PB cover

Since it's now up on Amazon, I might as well show you the cover for the paperback edition of Cover the Mirrors:

The geniuses of Macmillan's art department strike again...


Doug Worgul said...

Way, way, cool.


Unknown said...

Tippity top!

Maggie Dana said...

Faye ... that cover is utterly delicious. I've just signed a contract with Macmillan NW and if my cover is half as gorgeous as this one, I'll be very pleased.

Faye L. Booth said...

Hello all, and welcome to Mags! Congratulations on joining the fold!

F Web Admin said...

Echoing Doug's comments, that cover is 'way' cool. Which do you prefer, Faye, the paperback cover or the hardback?

And hijacking this comment just a little... a request to Mags: if you want write access to this blog (i.e. to write blog entries etc) please can you send your e-mail address to:

Cheers and welcome


Tim Stretton said...

Magnificent! It's even better than the hardback (which I also liked).

Macmillan certainly have a top art department.

Faye L. Booth said...

Matt: it's really difficult for me to choose a favourite, because they're both special to me because they're attached to my 'baby'; and they're both done in artistic styles I appreciate, so even being objective about it I can't come up with a winner. Funny, though: Will seemed almost apologetic when he sent me the draft of the PB cover ("It's a bit pink and pretty, but..."), but I like pastels as well as scarlet and black.

At the end of the day, though, I expect I will always have a soft spot for the first piece of cover art that was ever produced for a work of mine (and I do have part of it permanently etched into my back, after all!). I wouldn't say it was the same as preferring it, though.

Pardon the essay!