Friday, 14 March 2008

More help!

Can anyone tell me why I can't post a comment ('incorrect password') but can post a blog? As things are, I'm cluttering up the blog with silly little queries rather than hiding them away among the 'comments'. I've written some inspired comments only to have them rejected. Help (again) would be much appreciated. This query doesn't deserve to have blog limelight, but it's the onlyway I can comunicate with you all!


Matt Curran said...

Hi, Frances

Sounds like you're having a bit of a nightmare on the comments side of things.

What I'll do is disable the word verification for a while just to see if we get one of those dastardly robot comments leaking through. This should enable you to get around the squiggle thing. And instead of logging on with your identity, just go "Anonymous" and put your name on the bottom of the comment.

Try it now and see if that works... If not I'll think of something else!



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Matt! Frances