Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Great Review of Light Reading

Hi folks! Just thought I'd mention, for those of you who don't read crimefic blogs on a regular basis that there's a great review of Aliya's Light Reading here.

Read it, then read the book - it's fab!


Eliza Graham said...

Great review, indeed! Can't wait to read it, Aliya.

Aliya Whiteley said...

Thanks Eliza!

And thanks Alis for posting this, and for doing a brilliant review over on your blog. You're a star.

Alis said...

Glad you liked it. Praise where praise is due as my Mum always says!

crimeficreader said...

And thanks from me for the link!

May I be so bold as to reiterate here that Aliya has provided us with this millennium's British "Thelma and Louise"?

Unlike in Hollywood's extremist cracker of a movie, Pru and Lena are two real human beings (Brits). Like T & L, they seek some excitement and it comes with a psychological watershed that holds no shelter for the duo.

I once worked in the same place as a displaced RAF wife and had no idea of the culture... I know now.

Secrets abound. Some are unspoken, well known facts; but some still remain secret, until the truth will out...

And Aliya has a great and intriguing tale to tell in exhibiting this.

Many congrats to her!