Friday, 15 February 2008

Change of Address

Since they are too secretive to tell you themselves, I'll take this opportunity to inform everyone here that Aliya Whitely and Neil Ayres, who formerly maintained a joint blog at Pootle-and-Rat, have joined the rest of us in the buzzing, group hive-mind of Blogger, at

Aliya is also known as Pootle, or even the Blue Pootle, while Neil travels under the handle The Rat. Therefore, Aliya's avatar on their blog has long been a Gorilla, while Neil's has been a Chicken.

Don't try and figure this out.

Unless you follow their blog, you also might not understand why the new one is called VeggieBox. Be patient. This will soon become clear if you keep reading it for a while.


Aliya Whiteley said...

Thanks David - I was just going to do that!

Eliza Graham said...

My head hurts...I may need updates on nomenclature as we progress!