Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Herring on the Nile - interview

I was interviewed the other week by the nice people from Book Fiend's Kingdom (now shortened to BFKBooks) on the publication of Herring on the Nile. If you would like to listen to it, you can do so here.


Tim Stretton said...

Glad to hear Vicky is still going!

I'll download this and listen to it in the car.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed it, Len. You have a mellifluous voice.

Ann Weisgarber said...

Len, good job! I especially enjoyed your comments on writing humor. For a moment I thought we were going down a serious path when you referred to having a leg pulled off, but even that was funny.

So maybe there's a humorous book of philosophy in your future?

Tim Stretton said...

Very interesting interview, Len. My enthusiasm for 1658 is renewed, and I liked your contention that the rise of the ebook will make novellas viable again.