Friday, 5 August 2011

The future of MNW

Did anyone else see this article on the Bookseller website today?


Ann Weisgarber said...

So glad to see that MNW will continue. Not only is it Will's legacy, but it offers hope to new writers.

I have to disagree about one thing. Will discovered many fine authors who were not mentioned. Each MNW author played a significant role in making the imprint work. To see that list, go to the side bar on this site's home page.

Tim Stretton said...

Ann, thanks for your counterpunch on behalf of the MNW Cinderella Gang!

Frances Garrood said...

Thanks for that, David. Interesting. But where ARE all these new MNW writers?

Deborah Swift said...

Hi Frances, I'm here!
Been snowed under with writing my third novel. If it hadn't been for Will and MNW I'd probably not be doing that with quite the urgency I am.
But it seems that everyone is a writer these days, so I hope there are a few readers out there too!

Frances Garrood said...

I know you're there, Dee - I meant the NEW MNWers (not suggesting you're that old, of course...).