Monday, 6 December 2010

Still to Come

Another quick reminder of the Round Robin order. So far we've had:

Dee Swift
MFW Curran
Tim Stretton
Faye L Booth
Alis Hawkins
Ciara Hegarty
Doug Worgul
David Isaak
Ryan David Jahn
Eliza Graham

Still to come:

Frances Garrood
Brian McGilloway
LC Tyler
Suroopa Mukherjee
Aliya Whiteley


Frances Garrood said...

I know it's my turn, but I think it's quite good to leave a bit of a gap between interviews, so that everyone has a chance to look at them properly before moving on to the next.

But I haven't forgotten...

Aliya Whiteley said...

I'm glad you are leaving a gap - I wanted to post up a reminder of the order, but not on top of somebody's turn straight away!

Everyone look past this bit and go and read Eliza's answers instead.