Sunday, 18 October 2009

Yet Another MNW Format Permutation

For a long time, the MNW books were in a single format--hardcovers with black-spined dust jackets. The only change was the logo of the open book, which always looked to me more like a bat in flight; for the first 14 books, it was black on white, and it then switched to white on black. (Though it inexplicably switched back to black on white for my novel.)

Then MNW decided to try the occasional paperback original.

Ryan David Jahn reports on his blog that there's now a third permutation.

I like it, I think...(but, then, my copy hasn't arrived yet, so I haven't seen it ITRW).


Tim Stretton said...

I like the idea of the rigidity of a hardback without the annoyance of a dustjacket. This could be a winner!

Alis said...

I'm with Tim - I've seen this kind of format on reference books over the years and have appreciated it very much - I'm only surprised it's taken fiction publishers so long to adopt it.