Saturday, 8 August 2009

Ryan David Jahn's new look

Those of you who, like me, follow Ryan David Jahn's blog, may have noticed that it has been missing in action for a while. Indeed, clicking on his sidebar link under MNW Writers has been transporting one to a site called, which offers a wide array of web-design services. I wondered if perhaps RDJ had abandoned his scribbling for a new and exciting career in the fast-growing field of information technology (an understandable move given the fact that writing is a pain in the ass/arse).

Mystery solved. Ryan has simply moved to a new web address ( ) and is now set up in a spiffy new three-column format. To continue with the analogy of moving house, he has brought along some, but not all, of the posts from his previous address and stashed them in the new archives.

Drop through and give a glance. And I'm going to add a direct link to one of his posts that will be of interest to all Macmillanites: a note on actual print runs as opposed to what publishers announce. Interesting, yes?


RDJ said...

Hey, David, thanks. I am to self-promotion what Paris Hilton is to modesty.

I probably should have put up such a post some time ago.

Tim Stretton said...

Glad to find your new home, Ryan. I always find your blog entertaining and informative!

RDJ said...

Thanks, Tim. Yours likewise.