Saturday, 10 January 2009

A PanMac Interview With Matt

For those who haven't seen it already, there's a great interview with MFW Curran up on the Pan Macmillan site. You can get there by clicking on the link on the sidebar under the Book O' the Month image to the right (though for survivability beyond January you can also click here.)

By the way, when content like this crops up in your pub month, don't hesistate to give Tim or me an e-shout so we can insert a link. After all, pub month comes but once. (Okay, actually once per book. Or, to get picky, once per book per edition. But it only comes to the sidebar of this blog once...)


Matt Curran said...

Thanks for posting this, David. And a big thanks to everyone here for their support.

And on things "Hoard of Mhorrer"-y, events have overtaken the launch in London somewhat with a number of MNWers unable to make it. I don't know how many are still planning to come, but if there's anyone who still wants to get together before the evening for lunch and a natter, could you e-mail me at " ".

See you there...

Tim Stretton said...

I'll be there - I've sent you a separate email!

Ann Weisgarber said...

Matt, congratulations on the great interview. I especially enjoyed your discussion about genre writing and how that presented a challenge for your novel when it came time to find an agent and publisher. That's the great thing about MNW --Will is open to all possibilities. You stood your ground, and it all worked out.

Enjoy this time -- Book Number Two in the bookshops!