Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hoard of Mhorrer

Matt's Hoard of Mhorrer has already been pinched by my son. He is particularly impressed with the fighting monks and has now stopped reading: but only so that he can order the first book.

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Matt Curran said...

Thanks, Eliza

Hopefully we can meet again later in the year so we can chat about this and other writing relating stuff.

Talking to David Headley on Friday, he thought the 10 year anniversary of Goldsboro Books in September would be a good time to get together (I'd say a fair few Mac New Writers are grateful for David's support so they'll want to come.)

And talking about support, in these times of financial pandemonium, supporting a bookseller like Goldsboro Books is a really good thing, so any chance you get at pimping Goldsboro, please do so (as you can lay a dollar on it that David Headley will be pimping your book too!).