Monday, 7 July 2008

July 4

As nice as you Brits have been, what with publishing my first novel and all, I kind of feel like I should apologize for all that independence stuff we stirred up 232 years ago. Nothing personal. Really.



David Isaak said...

Doesn't setting off a gazillion fireworks on Tim Stretton's pub date sort of make up for all that stuff?

Tim Stretton said...

Sad really that have missed a trick and list the book as "not available".

And fireworks--as you will see when you read the book--are entirely appropriate as a celebration...

David Isaak said...

Actually, Amazon US seems to have it listed as "Temporarily out of stock." But they are utterly untrustworthy when it comes to MNW books--some people who ordered my book in Summer of 2007 never received them.

In North America, it's better to order MNW books from Amazon.CA . Not only more reliable, but cheaper: Dog of the North runs $29.95 from Amazon US but only C$15.72 from Amazon Canada. (But the street date in Canada isn't until July 11). You may wish to advise your North American readers!

I preordered Dog of the North from Amazon UK. Their estimated delivery date over here is July 18. We'll see. I've had them deliver books weeks before their estimate, and up to two months after. The uncertainty adds an element of suspense to my otherwise unexciting life.