Friday, 26 October 2007

Passing the Baton

I’ve been quite aware over the last 12 months or so, that by hogging the blog-title “Macmillan New Writer” my blog has attracted quite a lot of attention and Googling traffic from those web-travellers hunting down slivers of information and insights on the whole Macmillan New Writing thang.

Now that this blog is finally up and running – or rather sprinting, by the looks of it, (well done to everyone who has blogged so far and so quickly) – I’m in a position to hand over the title. Some might say this is “blogger-suicide” by giving up such a lucky blog-name, but I think I’m ready to move on…

…Even though I am still a Macmillan New Writer, by virtue of having one book published by MNW and another coming out from them soon, my blog “next-door” will concentrate on other parts of my writing, rather than just the Macmillan New Writing bit, and in that respect a change is warranted. Too see how much of change, just click here.

I must be a bit mental doing all this while undertaking Will's revisions on The Horde of Mhorrer, but it’s all about momentum and enthusiasm. The recent result on the second book has given me an insatiable work-rate when it comes to anything writing-related at the moment, and you never know when this appetite will suddenly dry up – so I’m milking it while I can.

Now I have two playgrounds to muck about in…
(…And yes, as a child I was quite greedy.)

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