Thursday, 18 October 2007

Hello and all that

I detest trying to write about myself (strange for someone with a blog, I know), so please bear with me!

So yes, I'm Faye. I don't know that I have any particularly interesting qualities that make me stand out as a person among the other MNWers, but this is about my book, so instead I'll tell you that my novel,Cover the Mirrors, is a Victorian era historical set in Preston, and features a fraudulent 'spirit medium' as its protagonist. (I prefer the word 'protagonist' to 'hero(ine) - it's less saccharine.) I may be biased, but I think my book has the best cover ever (see below). Publication will be next month (see the funky little ticker, also below), but I've already received my first royalty cheque from the large print and audio editions, which will be published by the lovely folks at Magna in Long Preston (Long Preston, not Preston), and Cover the Mirrors has been featured on Serendipity ezine's Halloween reading list, so I'm quite giddy about all that.

I can be found prattling on more extensively on my main website, my personal blog, my MySpace (I know many people hate that site, and it has got on my nerves on more than one occasion, but the fact remains that it's the busiest networking site on the internet, so I can't complain) and my Bebo Books profile, the latter being very new and something I'm still getting to grips with. Being the shameless sort, I also maintain a list of online retailers for my book, which is updated reasonably regularly in my blog (the latest version being here).

So that's me! Feel free to comment and ask me questions if you're curious about something I haven't covered.



Matt Curran said...

Hi Faye. Glad to see you found your way to the blog...

Anyone had problems with posting blog entries here?

Faye L. Booth said...

Hi Matt. No problems here, as you can see - have you emailed the other registered MNWers to ask tem to post their intros? Some of them might think it's still in beta. :)


David Isaak said...

Hey, Faye. Your efforts at colonizing the web are succeeding!