Friday, 14 November 2008

October's Publication (better late that never!)

"A shocking and beautiful reminder of humanity's animal nature

A new century has begun and new fields of science are shaking man’s longest-held beliefs. And on a tropical island, somewhere in the Pacific, new kinds of creature have been conceived.
Yet the Master who made them has disappeared, and for one of his creations the loss is unbearable: neither entirely man nor wholly animal, DogFellow is both more and less than the sum of his parts. Pitifully conflicted, his loyalty to a lost creator is at war with other, more human desires. And DogFellow alone can unlock the secrets of a strange and terrible past . . .
Gripping and poignant, philosophical and fantastic, DogFellow’s Ghost is a timely allegory on freedom, slavery and the wildness of the human spirit. "

About the author:
Gavin Smith has worked in further education and taught for the Open University. He lives in Exeter.

For more information please visit the Macmillan New Writing website.

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Ann Weisgarber said...

Congratulations, Gavin. Your novel is intriquing, and I wish you heaps of success!